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female Look

male Look

Look Study
Intrigued by the unique shapes in each one of us, we set out to explore the multiplicity of forms and contours present in a single body part across different individuals. Abstraction became our method of choice, allowing us to subtract the familiar and focus on the body's unexpected aspects.

The chest—an area openly visible in men and erotically revered in women—may not appear a likely candidate for surprises or unexpected depictions. Nevertheless, simpifying its representation to basic elements of color and contour allows us to capture anew some of what's unique in each person. Working from photos of the human chest,* we developed two interfaces that allow us to trace, color, and reduce the original material to the graphical images you see in the piece.

Female Look Piece
Here we highlight the contours of the female breast and average the color of each segment.

Male Look Piece
In this piece, both the skin tone and the contour of the male nipple are subtracted from the picture, leaving an expressive pattern of lines.

* All photographs used in the creation of this project come from the 3d.sk artist's resource site.